Imari Charger

A Japanese Imari charger is a combination of symmetry and artistic perfection finely crafted into works of art made from the world’s finest porcelain. These unique porcelain pieces were first created in kilns in Arita, Japan beginning in the 1700s. The name, Imari originated from the port where the first pieces were shipped. Each charger consists of individual panels painted to look like one harmonious landscape with textiles and flower patterns.

The chargers are hand painted and today are considered to be rare antiques. Each charger has porcelain embellished with circular floral patterns painted using soft muted colors and features such delicate things like humming birds and chrysanthemums. The pieces are intrinsically beautiful in nature. There are many subtleties of the chargers revealed within the intricate floral patterns. The original Imari chargers were created as pieces of fine art.

Most people stumble upon their Imari charger porcelain pieces at garage sales and thrift stores, and are later shocked to discover that they are in possession of a valuable antique. Antique dealers and shop owners know the extensive history of the charger and are eager to add any new porcelain chargers to their collections.

Imari porcelain was considered beautiful and rare in the early 1700s and was displayed in the castles of Kings and Queens throughout Europe for years. The first porcelain Imari chargers were simple pieces featuring only two colors- blue and white. As the art of crafting the Imari charger grew, more colors were added and the patterns became more elaborate.

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