Gold Imari

There are several selections and designs of Gold Imari in the world today. They offer high quality, intricate tableware sets which includes cups, large plates, saucers, bowls, and many other various pieces. Besides the tableware sets there is also interior pieces such as wall decorations, flower pots, watch, remote control stands, tissue paper, flower pots, ash trays, hand mirrors, umbrella stands, plus more. Don't forget the objects of art which includes vases, decoration bowls, beautiful dolls, and frames. The selection of this beautiful porcelain is so vast.

One of the bestselling pieces of tableware sets for Gold Imari is the Three Pieces Tea Set. This set includes a porcelain tea kettle and two other tea set pieces. The set is covered in an unique blue and red design with small gold patterns dancing across it. The blue and the red stripe across the pieces vertically. Across the rims and on the handle of the tea kettle is a golden colored line.

The Old Imari Phoenix is one of the most loved pieces of art. It is covered primarily is blue and red, but also includes colors of red, green, and gold. The tip of the vase handle is gold, leading down to the lid of the vase covered in vertical red and blue stripes. Across the vase is beautiful prints of flowers and leaves colored in light red colors to green.

Always remember the Gold Imari dolls are truly a piece of beautiful art. There are three Princess Dolls available which go by the names of Cherry, Gold Bamboo Grass, and White Apricot.

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